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Sister Skin & Nails!

Tanya has been a resident of Oregon since 1993 with brief stints in Seattle, England, and Australia.

The daughter of a Pennsylvanian and an Australian, she was brought up with a passion for travel and exploration. She was drawn to the world of cosmetology for its creative aspects and for the opportunity to interact with diverse individuals while providing them with excellent skin and nail care. As a cancer survivor, she has particular insight into the skin & nail issues suffered by those going through treatment. When away from the world of cosmetology, Tanya loves singing, acting, backpacking with Greg, writing, crafting, traveling, and a million other activities. She’s never bored, because there is always so much to do! She likes dark chocolate, hanging fuchsias, her two pups, and all things purple.


My name is Mallory, I'm newer to Central Oregon, and used to the ocean. Beauty is my passion, I love helping others feel confident and beautiful in their skin, inside and out! When I'm not working, I'm with my husband and my little man who just turned 6, hiking, or baking snacks! My goal is to make everyone who walks through our door, feel like family.


Hi, I'm Janel! I've lived in Central Oregon my whole life and absolutely love it here. I attended Phagan's Cosmetology College and I'm so excited to continue growing as an esthetician. I've always admired the beauty industry and anything skin-care related; it's like a dream come true to finally be doing the thing I'm most passionate about and to start building my career. I was raised by a single dad who has always encouraged me to do what I love and has been my biggest supporter. He would let me do his makeup and "mini facials" on him when I was a kid and he was the one who pushed me to go to beauty school last year. I love helping people see and feel how beautiful they truly are. I am thrilled to start this journey and to help you feel radiant and confident in your skin!

we invite you to visit us...

Our goal for SSSN is to provide an oasis for relaxation and transformation away from the challenges of daily life. Come visit us soon!

All your skin & nail needs in one place :
  • Wide assortment of nail services

  • Extensive collection of hard gels and polishes

  • OPI and Zoya lacquers for pretty toes & nails

  • Free skin mapping and consultation

  • Direct access to Dermalogica skin care products

  • Tailored facials for dry, oily, acneic issues

  • Berodin Wax cleanly removes unwanted hair

  • The gamut of Intensive tints for brows and lashes

  • Fill out your eyelashes with faux mink extensions

  • Lift your lashes & fill out your brows with a lamination

  • Detox with an ionic foot bath!

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